'Ordinary people are capable of doing amazing things'

We know we've seen it and we've experienced it.

Panurgy Performance Development Ltd. is a small, high quality consultancy that works with individuals, teams and organisations to maximise potential, improve performance and achieve goals.

At Panurgy PD we realise that each individual is unique, so we tailor each approach to each client's requirements.

Using skills, knowledge and experience developed over twenty five years we combine coaching, mentoring, facilitating and 'speaking' to enhance performance and make leadership truly effective.

We see effective leadership as pivotal to achieving high level performance in all domains whether in industry, sport, business or the arts.

We understand that we can learn lessons from any situation.

Trust and humility sit at the very heart of our values and beliefs. Integrity, discretion and confidentiality is assured.

Ordinary people are capable of doing amazing things

About Panurgy

Steve Eaton is a Performance Development Consultant and the Director of Panurgy Performance Development Ltd.

Steve has many years of experience in operating under pressure in challenging situations and in some of the world's most inhospitable environments. As a result of this first hand experience, Steve has a deep understanding of the need for mental aptitude as well as for physical strength and skill.

Steve recognises the significance of 'softer' skills, such as effective communication, in performance and leadership development, and the need for shared values, goals and beliefs in building motivated and cohesive teams. Over two decades Steve has coached and mentored people of different backgrounds and capabilities, providing salient personal guidance.

In 2009, Steve was awarded an MBE for 'compassionate and inspirational' leadership demonstrated on global operations. He has an advanced diploma in Management and has many years of practical management and leadership experience. Steve attained invaluable knowledge, whilst studying for a Master's Degree, in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, which has further increased his understanding of how people and organisations operate and react when faced with stressful situations.

Experience has taught Steve that managing stress effectively is a key factor in optimising performance and enhancing leadership. Steve firmly believes in Decompression, a method that reduces stress levels, allowing greater focus on what really matters.

Steve has trained and practised as a Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) practitioner and is also a nationally trained Hostage and Crisis Negotiator.

Steve is an Associate of the innovative Performance and Leadership organisation DNA Definitive, where he regularly offers specialist Performance and Leadership support with the aim of enhancing high level performance in business, industry, the arts and sport.


"Steve's manner and persona while communicating his thoughts and experiences on leadership and high performance brings to life many theories and concepts.  His expertise and modesty ensures these become accessible to people from all walks of life. I could not enjoy listening, learning and presenting with him more than I do."

Andy McCann, Welsh RFU Mental Skills Coach

"When you work with Steve Eaton you realise not only that leadership in practice is different to theory but that this man's practice is at the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of passion, pride and leading people. I would say Steve was the delight of the day's High Performance conference." 

Dr Paul Thomas, BBC Wales Business Doctor

"Steve is an individual whose presence alone demands admiration and respect. His experiences in the military would lead most of us to spend considerable time lying down in a darkened room. It is obvious when listening to him that his leadership qualities in this specialist field are of the very highest calibre. Strikingly, he always puts the wellbeing of the team before personal aspiration. His presentation was honest and inspiring to all."

Andy Halliday, Team GB Men's Hockey Team Manager

"Steve's stories put our own (quite trivial) issues and problems into a very real perspective. His pragmatic knowledge, experience and mesmerising delivery ensured that we all had useful take home messages that will enable us to solve our own performance issues."

Dr Mark Stacey, University of Wales Hospital

"Steve's understanding of leadership and decision making is second to non. Using his experiences from the military, Steve highlighted the importance of effective leadership, decision making and trust within a team. A very interesting and thought provoking talk."

Sam Brearey, World Sailing Champion


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'Ordinary people are capable of doing amazing things'